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European Young e-shoppers Study

In contact with e-shopper customers at a crucial moment of their shopping journey – the actual delivery - we are confronted every day not only by a diversity of expectations and habits but also by the evolving lifestyles of Europeans. As a major player in the CEP market, it is our duty to continuously improve our services to fulfil the expectations of our consignees in all our local markets. 

The online shopping journey cannot be evaluated only through the delivery spectrum. That’s why we decided to study the whole journey from the very first click to the ownership of the product. 


When we analysed the online shopping journey across all participants, we discovered that the online shopper experiences a strong fluctuation of emotions throughout the process. Read more

While the major steps of the journey and the overall emotions experienced at each step were similiar across all countries, we observed a few strong differences in each country. Read here

From our observations we have drawn five major insights. Read here

The study entailed ethnographic observations with 40 participants, 8 each in UK, Spain, France, Germany and Poland. read more


DPDgroup publishes its European Young E-shoppers Study analysing their behaviour in 5 different countries: UK, Spain, France, Germany and Poland. Qualitative research by ethnographers.


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